Denny Grabenbauer, Marshall County Supervisor
The possibility of security cameras placed throughout the county was discussed Tuesday by the Marshall County Board of Supervisors.

Action was also taken to approve a Zoning Commission decision to deny changes to an ordinance concerning business signs.

“We’re suggesting we start with about nine cameras,” said Mike Schlesinger, publisher and general manager of the Times-Republican. He spoke to the board on behalf of Marshall County Crime Stoppers, of which he acts as treasurer.

The nine suggested cameras may be placed in “pinch points,” Schlesinger said, and the network they would be connected to could expand to allow many more cameras in the future.

Ken Fleege of Dubuque’s Racom location spoke to the board about the costs and benefits of such cameras.

“It has definitely solved a lot of crime, it has definitely moved a lot of crime,” Fleege said of the Dubuque area camera system. “Dubuque (cameras) are all one network.”

The city has about 1,500 security cameras in use via the school district, city and county.

Fleege showed the board several examples of the cameras in use throughout Dubuque, including a semi trailer accident and part of a police suspect apprehension.

In the proposition, the new cameras and those already in place, such as at the Marshall County Courthouse, could be part of a single network provided by Milestone Systems.

According to a Racom estimate, the project would cost about $57,322. Schlesinger said Crime Stoppers will cover a third of that cost if the city of Marshalltown and Marshall County cover the other two thirds, respectively.

The initial proposed network of nine cameras, Fleege said, could be widely expanded because the network is set up to add cameras in the future.

Schlesinger said advice from the sheriff’s office and city police would help guide where and how the cameras are used, if the project is approved.

“(Local law enforcement) would have a lot more input as to where the cameras would go,” he said.

No action was taken by the supervisors on the project, which is still in the planning stage.

Courtesy of the Marshalltown Times-Republican, Adam Sodders, Staff Reporter.



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