Jessica Kinser, Marshalltown City Administrator
A presentation by Marshall County Crime Stoppers on the merits of installing security cameras throughout Marshalltown, a status report on the joint police/fire facility, and the introduction of new city administrator Jessica Kinser were key actions at  Monday’s city council meeting.

Security cameras

Times-Republican Publisher and General Manager Mike Schlesinger, representing the highly-successful Marshall County Crimestoppers program, and RACOM Co. President Mike Miller presented a security camera plan to the council. The cost is approximately 58,000. Schlesinger emphasized it was a plan to install security — and not traffic cameras — at key points throughout the city. Schlesinger, Miller, and Ken Flege of RACOM highlighted the tremendous success Dubuque has had with their system.

Law enforcement, businesses, and residents have embraced the system as it has deterred crime.

Dubuque started with a basic system, and due to its popularity, has expanded it significantly.
PictureMike Schlesinger
Schlesinger proposed a public-private partnership to pay for the system. The city would pay one-third, Marshall County one-third, and private businesses one-third.

A presentation will be made to Marshall County, Schlesinger said.

No formal action was taken by the council.

Courtesy of the Marshalltown Times-Republican, MIKE DONAHEY Staff Writer mdonahey@timesrepublican.com



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