A Marshalltown man received the maximum sentence of 35 years in prison Monday at the Marshall County Courthouse for the sexual assault and kidnapping of a juvenile female in 2015.

District Court Judge John Haney imposed the maximum sentence of 25 years on a sexual assault charge and 10 years on kidnapping charges against Victor Manuel Angel-Garcia, 26.

The sentences will run consecutively.

Haney followed Marshall County Attorney Jennifer Miller's recommendations for the maximum sentencing on both counts and the defendant to serve terms consecutively.

"I would ask the court to consider the injury to this young victim in imposing sentence today," said Miller. "There were physical injuries. She had bruises and abrasions from being dragged across the gravel parking lot, bruises on her back from being sexually assaulted on rocky terrain, and injuries sustained during the actual sexual assault itself and fortunately all of those physical injuries have now healed."

However, MIller said the victim is still suffering significant

emotional injuries which may not heal for many years.

"This 7-year old little girl has been in counseling for nearly a year since the incident, sometimes going several times a week. Her counselor indicated there were many months where she could not be around any male without emotionally melting down. She missed school and up until recently had to sleep in her parents bed every night because she was so afraid of being taken again. Certainly they have a long road ahead. This child is still so traumatized she shuts down entirely when asked about what happened."

Miller went to commend the child for her bravery, and her excellent ability to give the Marshalltown Police Department a description of her assailant.

"Without her help we never would have been able to prosecute this dangerous predator and confirm his identity through DNA testing from a sexual assault kit that she submitted to."

Additionally, Miller complimented the MPD for an excellent investigation.

"I am very pleased with the outcome of this case and the sentence handed down by the court," Miller said.

The sentencing closes a case which began in August of last year, when the MPD began an investigation into the sexual assault of the girl who was with her family attending a reception at the Impala Ballroom.

Based on evidence, the victim's accounts, and results from the Department of Criminal Investigation crime lab, Angel-Garcia was arrested in October on first-degree kidnapping, first-degree harassment and second-degree sexual assault.

He was arrested following a pursuit by several law enforcement agencies.

Courtesy of the Marshalltown Times-Republican. June 21, 2016



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